Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Writing/Editing/Marketing Resources

Before my eating disorder fictional memoirs hit the market and before they became such a massive success, this blog was dedicated to writing. The art of writing, how to improve your craft, and how to stay passionate about such a challenging but rewarding hobby/career.

Although the blog's focus has shifted tremendously, I could not bring myself to wipe out the traces of my previous posts. So, if you are here as an author, do make sure to check out my past writing/editing/marketing posts here:

Writing Resources:

How to - writing approach: 
The Ultimate Way to Write Faster
3 Essentials To Make Your Anti-Hero Effective
How to Pick the Right Genre for Your Novel (and Why it is Crucial)
How to Write a Novel? Start Writing!
5 Ways to Write a Killer Opening for Your Book
30 Writing Prompts

How to - improving your style: 
5 Ways to Improve Your First Person Point of View
6 Basics to Make Your Book Successful
4 Intriguing Ways to Open a Story
How to Write Good
17 Words You Should Have in Your Vocabulary

How to - stick with it: 
3 Things Writers Can Learn from Halloween Trick-or-Treaters
Do You Make Any Money Writing?
10 Authors Who Were Told They Would Never Succeed... But Went On to Achieve the Unthinkable
Reject the Rejection Letter - Why your Story was not Accepted and How to Deal with it

Editing Resources:

How to - editing approach: 
10 Essentials for Proofreading Your Own Work
The Secret to Better Revise Your Novel

Publishing Resources:

How to - publishing decisions:
Numbers Prove the Best Way to Go: Traditional, Self-Publishing... or Hybrid? 
9 Essentials for Publication Your Best Publishing Bet - Lightning Source or CreateSpace? 
The Cover That Will Either Make or Break Your Novel 
Traditional Publishing vs Self-publishing 
How to Choose YOUR Path From the Countless Options Available: Big Five, Independent, or Self-Publishing? 
Why (Not) To Go For a Small Press When Publishing Your Book

Marketing Resources:

How to - book promotion:
10 Greatest Tips to Promote Your Book 
3 Simple Tips to Successfully Promote your Book 
Top 10 Tips I Learned About Getting Book Endorsements

My Writing:

My developments:
I am Now a Published Author
The Unusual Rejection
Comments Writers Are Tired of Hearing
Hidden Opportunities in the World of Writing: Hanne Arts at TEDxBISB
Featured in Belgium's Leading Newspaper, Het Laatste Nieuws

Upcoming Book Release
Red Ribbons Book Release
Exciting News from the YouTube World!
I'm on Patreon!

My writing:
My First-Ever Book Talk
Just Perfect Teaser
Just Perfect Book Trailer
The Pen

End of the Year | I'm Grateful
New Year Around the Corner
20 Best Bookish Valentine's Day Wishes

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