Thursday, December 26, 2013

3 Simple Tips to Successfully Promote your (E)book

I, personally, am struggling to learn all about publishing and promoting for my own work, which I'll be getting either an acceptance or rejection for by the end of January. As I am doing this, I learn new things every day, and what to better do with this knowledge than share it with you and help you on your journey so you won't have to go through all the effort I did?
Here are the three simple and most successful tips to promote your book, whether an ebook or a print book:

1. First of all, make sure you have (a) proofreader(s)/editor(s).

* Once your book is "finished," you are still far from done.
Consider these 3 simple tips to successfully lead your work
to its potential!
Other people will always notice things you might have overlooked, so certainly get another person's perspective! You can chose to hire a professional, or you could even have some of your readers look at it beforehand. If you keep them involved before the book is even out, you'll have hooked them already and they might be willing to proofread for free! They might then also be interested in helping you promote, as they feel more involved with it. I do recommend, however, not letting anyone that is too close to you do all the editing. They might be too "soft" about it, unwilling to give the harsh critiques that might actually be needed.

2. Have a good book cover.
It's the first impression people will have of your book, so it better be good. The best option for most is to hire a professional cover designer, yet these costs can go up quite high. I personally chose to design my own cover, yet if you chose to design your own, you'll need to put in the time - to learn what makes a good cover generally, to learn what the best layout is and the best font, and how it will work with your work.

3. Be creative in getting your work noticed.
How to best do this? Consider the following points to make your work stand out from all the others out there.

  • Don't be passive. You can wait for sales to stream in, but this will not get you to your potential. For example, donate a certain percent of the money you make to charity - this way you are helping others while most likely improving your sales at the same time! Make sure, however, that the charity fits with the type of book you have made.
  • Host giveaways and discounts for limited time periods. This will increase the word-of-mouth, and a broader audience will stream towards your product.
  • Obtain reviews from well-respected/well-known reviewers, so people will know others have enjoyed your book and they might too. It might be the last push they need to buy your work.
  • Do signings, have freebies for people that buy your book, etc. Anything that sets your book apart will increase your reach and improve your sales.

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