Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Planting Ideas Into Your Reader's Mind... And Remaining Unnoticed.

This post is mostly just for entertainment (it's almost holidays, so why not?), yet it can be directly related back to your writing (see the explanation below the clips). Also, it simply caught my attention, and it might do so for you as well!

The videos (and links) below show "mind reading." Of course, this isn't real "magic" or anything like that. It is done by leaving subtle hints in speech, which then form an idea in the other person's head. These subtle hints can make a difference in the way the person you are talking to (or your reader if you decide to use it in writing) thinks, twisting their thoughts towards a certain area and planting something into their heads.

See the magic below :

Also check out these two if the above caught your interest:

As is shown through the above clips, people can plant ideas into other people's heads through subtle hints. They can also pull conclusion from taking in minute facial expressions. You can do the same in your writing. Use words to plant an idea into the reader's head. Use red herrings to eventually twist them and prove your reader wrong. Use facial expressions and body language of your characters to drive home a point about their personality or current train of thought.
Know how your reader's mind works and you'll be on top of things :)

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