Sunday, September 21, 2014

Exciting News - The Junior Author Short Story Competition 2014

I am incredibly busy and have hardly any time at all to write a very elaborate post, but... I think it is important I share this with all of you :)
*Drum roll and dramatic music, slowly growing louder in the background...*

My short story "Tainted Soil" is a finalist in the 2014 Junior Author Short Story Competition (meaning it got into the top 28 out of 397 total entries)!

I'm incredibly excited!

Closeup of the explanation (sorry for the bad-quality and incomplete screenshot -- if you want to see the actual page and the rest of the list of finalists, click here): These are the top 28 stories listed in alphabetical order by title. They are not listed by score or rank. There were 397 total entries in this category, but 19% were disqualified for not following the submission rule.

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