Sunday, January 31, 2016

Comments Recovering Anorexics and Bulimics Are Tired of Hearing

Last week I posted about all the things writers are tired of hearing, and today I've decided to have a look at all the things recovering eating disorder patients are tired of hearing. Check out my video to find out all the things that could potentially push recovering anorexics/bulimics back into a negative spiral:

Firstly, here's some of the links mentioned in the video:

Just Perfect info and details, my daily-updated Facebook page, and, for those of you that have an eating disorder or know someone that does, my personal story and recovery meal plan (as well as more resources on my blog and Youtube channel).

Secondly, I want to just clear up the following: The comments mentioned in my video do not (all) work aversely for everyone of course, and I personally do not have a problem with any one of them. However, if you are trying to support a dear one suffering with an eating disorder, do keep in mind that the remarks might indeed be interpreted as hurtful or thoughtless.

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