Thursday, April 7, 2016

17 Words You Should Have in Your Vocabulary

Do you ever have those tip-of-the tongue moments where you want to express something but can't quite find the word for it? Well, that's not surprising, seeing as the English language has so many different words to describe even a single event. But that's precisely what makes this language so interesting...
Having so many words to our disposal provides a great way for authors to express themselves, and for readers to broaden their horizons and become truly engrossed in a novel. It can help readers describe the unique experience of reading (although there are a few words that I do agree should still be added... just for the book lovers amongst us).

Anyway, because our beautiful language is so full of mysterious words, I bet you there are many that you have never even heard of before. That does not mean these aren't worth knowing, however, so I've decided to compile a list for you with some of my favorite little-know/little-used words. I urge you to check it out and find your favorites, and to memorize them and add them to your vocabulary!


(adj) Having a consuming passion to write


(v) To grow old and gray together


(n) Love of darkness or night; Finding of comfort in darkness


(n) The euphoria you experience when you first fall in love


(adj) Completely overcome with emotion


(v) To stir, to touch, to move to tears


(n) Writer's block


(n) The sound of wind through the trees


Like a turtle


(adj) Relating to, or resembling, hedgehogs


(n) A brief love affair


Shy and reserved


(n) One who always wants to know what is going on


A feeling of guilt after committing a wrongful act


Unfamiliar, rare, strange, yet marvellous


The scent that lingers in the air after someone or something has been gone


Buying books and not reading them; letting books pile up unread

My personal favorite is scripturient (although tsundoku is a word that is also quite applicable to me ;-)).

Anyway, please leave a comment and let me know: What is your personal favorite, and would you add any words to this list?

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