Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas Giveaway Joy

Hi everyone,
It was only a few days ago that I was in bed, feeling weak and sickly and with temperatures going up to 40C. I therefore wasn't able to record the planned Twin tag YouTube video for this month, but have no fear! The video will be recorded, edited and uploaded by the end of next month -- so stay on the lookout. I'm feeling much better now (no more fever and much more energy), so I'm ready to soon tackle my exams and then this new video!

So, although there is no video for today, there is an important announcement... Namely: the winners of the 1K giveaway have been determined!  

Thanks to all of you that have participated in the 1K JUST PERFECT book giveaway! 6 Lucky winners have been chosen AND notified privately via email, so congratulations!

Congratulations to
  1. Emily
  2. Ines
  3. Marielle
  4. Christina
  5. Lea
  6. Patricie

And everyone else that chose to take part in this giveaway, as you are all winners. Why? Well, JUST PERFECT is currently available for a limited-time discount at CreateSpace, Amazon and Payhip! Be sure to grab yourself a copy while this lasts! Also, the preface has been made available for FREE, so do check that out HERE.

Enjoy the remainder of your holidays, and remember to take good care of yourself this Christmas! xx

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