Friday, January 26, 2018

Am I eating too much? + WHAT I EAT

Today I'm taking you on a food diary day in the life... studying for my exam! Except for actually eat, I also rant a bit about eating too much, and having to gobble down so much more than everyone else. Do ya feel me? Yeah, check it out ;)

Anyway, everyone is different. And you might need more/less than me or anyone else in recovery. You might be at a different stage, or you might come from a different point or have different genes or eat different foods. And that is all normal and expected.

Whether you are in recovery or whether you are weight restored, however, never ignore your body's hunger cues. Never eat less than what your body tells you. Yes, even when weight restored.

Even when weight restored, your body might need more food (even just to maintain). However, it might naturally start asking for a bit less, and that is fine too. The important thing is to become aware of your body's signals.

A common fear is that you think that you will continue gaining, but that is not the case. The closer you come to your set point weight, the harder it will be to gain weight.  However much your body asks for, give it that. Yes, you might still gain a bit of weight, or you might not. This really depends on the individual, but it is completely normal. (In fact, many people NEED to initially overshoot their goal weight before stabilizing on their set point weight in order for their bodily functions to completely regulate and normalize). In any case, do not restrict. If you want to eat a certain amount or a certain thing, then listen to your body. By listening to your body, it learns to trust you, and you will (physically and mentally) overcome the eating disorder.

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