Friday, February 16, 2018

What We Eat (Anorexia Recovery) | Holidays & Vegan??

Food diary Friday, including a long honest talk on veganism in anorexia/eating disorder recovery. Is it helpful/beneficial to transition, or does it get in the way of genuine recovery? Am I personally (going) vegan??

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Reasons to become vegan:

Reasons not to be vegan/things to keep in mind:
  • No evidence of long-term health benefits (veganism is still quite a recent development, in need of more research to back up its health claims)
  • Some vitamins/minerals are less likely to be absorbed (e.g., B12, iron), which could lead to deficiencies
  • In recovery, checking food labels and "restricting" intake might hinder genuine recovery

Keep in mind, however: these are sweeping statements, but both arguments are valid and should be considered. Whether or not you choose to become vegan, however, remember that any of its goals can also be achieved without drastically changing your diet: buy cruelty-free products, go on less car journeys, spend less time on electronics, change your choice of contraceptives/clothing/make-up/etc. Make a change, but do ensure that you maintain your health as well! 

What are your thoughts on veganism? Do let me know!

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