Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Extreme Hunger in Recovery | Personal Experiences and How to Deal With It

After talking on my channel about recovery and goal weights/BMIs, as well as reasons to recover and the like, it was indubitably time to tackle some more specifics of the actual recovery process. Hence, today I talk about extreme hunger in eating disorder recovery... with Nina!

You might know Nina from her channel, It's Nina's Life. And today I'm blessed to share my ideas with her, and for her to share her ideas with me. So stay tuned and check out today's new upload on my channel and on hers!

Here's what Nina had to say about extreme hunger in recovery:

Likewise, I have experienced extreme hunger. I too think you should follow these cues your body gives you, and that it gives you them for a reason. In my response to the question (below), I also share some of the reasons why, and which things (that you may be doing) that could quite easily obstruct your recovery:

What do YOU think about extreme hunger? Have you personally experienced it, and how did you deal with it? Do let us know in the comment section xx

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