Sunday, September 6, 2020

Cupshe Bikini Haul, How my ED RUINED my Life, & Exciting Life Updates!

Right. There seems to be a lot to cover today ;-). First and foremost, a new video went live today... and it's bikini haul! It's a different style of video from my usual, but it was great fun to film, and it gave me a massive confidence boost too! After all, even when we can't get to the beach during this crazy time of Corona self-isolation, it is so important to feel comfortable in what we wear!

Today, I therefore reached beyond my comfort zone and tried out five different Cupshe swimwear items to boost my confidence and help me make my way through summer! Head over to see me try them on, and to find the discount code in the video description :-)

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In addition, a new video went live on Patreon this Wednesday. It was a Patreon exclusive, meaning it will not go live on YouTube. Nevertheless, I think it is quite an important one, wherein I talk about the ways in which my eating disorder 'ruined my life' and robbed me of some incredible experiences. More importantly, though, I discuss how I prevent excessive self-blame, and how I have used my past to my advantage to, instead, propel my recovery efforts. Definitely give it a watch -- for just $1 (in your own currency) you get access to a range of videos including this one!

Before you go off to watch all of this exciting new content, I want to leave you with one last exciting announcement. Namely... I will be starting my new job! Tomorrow! After accepting and signing my contract THREE weeks ago, all the paperwork is finally done and ready, so I am good to go... and of course I'll keep you updated as things progress! xx

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