Tuesday, September 15, 2020

What I Eat in a Week

Last week I found myself at Heathrow Airport, doing work for the University of Bath. So I decided to treat myself... all week. Not a day went by without a good old meal deal / restaurant trip / delivery, so I thought I'd document my journey, my thoughts, and, obviously, my food! 

Honestly, finding vegan options wasn't always the easiest... but I managed. And in finding my way around, I challenged all my old ED fears and rules. I hope you like the video!

I also uploaded my Brighton vlog onto Patreon, and I can't wait to share it on YouTube next week! This was such a fun one to make, and I think it shines through. In summary, it's a weekend vlog full of laughs, food porn, and much much vegan junk meals.

Anyway, I have just started my new job (this week, in fact!) and I am BUSY. But don't worry though... new content is coming (including a full day... 15 hour shift edition)! Definitely stay tuned xx

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