Sunday, July 25, 2021

ED RECOVERY Q&A: Extreme Hunger, Weight Gain & Exercise in HA Recovery

Welcome to another mukbang! Join me on my lunch break as I answer all your questions about eating disorder recovery, life and the universe

  • Prepare soba noodles according to package instructions
  • Sauté your veg. I went for onion, garlic, ginger, wild mushrooms and kale
  • Add a source of protein. I fried up some teriyaki tofu, but tempeh or beans also works
  • Make your peanut-satay sauce! Combine a ridiculous amount of peanut butter with a tsp of mustard and miso, and thin it out to the right consistency with water
  • Combine and enjoy 

0:32 Do I still eat recovery amounts? 
1:31 What are my current goals? 
2:06 How long did it take to regain my period? 
2:38 What do I still find challenging today? 
3:11 How did I overcome my exercise addiction? 
3:50 Is it ok to eat 5-10k calories? 
4:09 How do you know what you want to eat? 
4:58 What was my favorite thing to do in childhood? 
5:15 How much weight gain is 'normal'? 
6:29 How to deal with difficult emotions? 
7:57 What is the best sport to reintroduce post-recovery? 
8:38 How frequent are extreme hunger cravings? 
9:20 Does your boyfriend support your weight gain goals? 
10:28 Thoughts on weight training in HA recovery? 
12:31 What are my cravings telling me? 
13:23 Is it normal to always get hungry at night? 
14:07 What's the difference between disordered eating and an ED? 
14:28 How to avoid relapse? 
14:48 What do I do if my friend and I are both recovering from an ED? 
15:51 Is it normal to experience migraines/insomnia/etc during recovery? 
16:55 Why does my mental hunger stay when I'm physically full?

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