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Writing Tips and Resources

Before my eating disorder fictional memoirs hit the market and before they became such a massive success, this blog was dedicated to writing. The art of writing, how to improve your craft, and how to stay passionate about such a challenging but rewarding hobby/career.

Although the blog's focus has shifted tremendously, I could not bring myself to wipe out the traces of my previous posts. So, if you are here as an author, do make sure to check out my past writing/editing/marketing posts here. There's also loads more information of my own writing developments and my first book talks etc.!

Eating Disorder Resources

Just Perfect & Red Ribbons:
My First-Ever Book Talk
Just Perfect Teaser
Just Perfect Book Trailer
Featured in Belgium's Leading Newspaper, Het Laatste Nieuws

My Eating Disorder Story:
My Eating Disorder Story
Anorexia Hospitalization | Journey to Recovery
Diet Update | Increasing to 3,000+ Kcal
Eating Disorder Recovery Q&As:
Eating Disorders FAQ: Calories, Quantities, Exercise and More
Eating Disorder Weight Gain: What Happens?
Too Much Sugar in Recovery?
Exercise in Eating Disorder Recovery
Relationships, Intimacy and Sex in Eating Disorder Recovery
Relationships, Intimacy and Sex in ED Recovery 2
Why Recover from your Eating Disorder?
Hospitalization, BMI, Calories & Weight Restoration
Exercise, Weight Gain from "Bad" Foods & Cravings
How to Deal With Bloating in Eating Disorder Recovery | Oatmeal stories
Can You Ever Recover from an Eating Disorder?
Insomnia and Sleep Disturbances in Eating Disorder Recovery
Settling into University with an Eating/Anxiety Disorder
Overcoming Food Comparison in ED Recovery
Omgaan met Schuldgevoel // Overcoming Food Guilt
How to Survive Christmas with an Eating Disorder
Challenging Food Fears in Eating Disorder Recovery 
3 Days of Restaurant Meals // Challenging the Eating Disorder
Make-Up, Anxiety & Grocery-Shopping with an Eating Disorder
EXTREME HUNGER Q&A | You Are NOT Binge-Eating
Q&A | Osteoporosis, 10K Challenge & Meat Cravings
Dealing with Exams if you have an Eating Disorder | Q&A
What I Eat + 3 Steps to Love your Body Post-Recovery
Increase your Metabolism & Eat What you Want (Anorexia Recovery)
Do You Need a Meal Plan in AN Recovery?

Intuitive Eating:
HELP! I’m midnight snacking! | Eating Intuitively

Food Diaries (What I Eat):
A Day in My Life | Anorexia Recovery
Anorexia Recovery Weight Maintain Meal Plan
What I Eat in a Day | PIE AS BIG AS MY HEAD
What I Eat in a Day | Uni Edition
What I Eat on Holidays | RESTAURANT EDITION
What I Eat on Holidays | All-Inclusive Edition
What I Eat on a Summer Day
What I Eat | Road Trip Edition
What I Eat | Office Edition
What I Eat, Christmas Anxiety & Everything Else you Wanted to Know 
What I Eat | Am I Eating Too Much?
What We Eat | Exams & Boyfriend 
What We Eat | Holidays & Vegan??
What I Eat | Full Day at University
What We Eat | Vegan Road Trip
What I Eat in a Day ft. Morning Routine
What I Do & Eat While Anxious
What I Eat on my Period (7 Meals!)
What I Eat... Food Combining & Health Benefits (Vegan)
What I Eat | Weekend with the Parents
Full Day of Eating | Vegan & AN-Recovered
What I Eat in a Day | Extreme Hunger Edition
What I Eat | Full Weekend of Food
Eating Like I Did in Recovery Challenge & How my Mindset Changed
Challenging ALL my Food Rules | What I Eat
What I Eat in a (BUSY!) Day + How to Deal with Changing Meal Times
What I Eat in a Lazy Day (3x dinner?!) 
What I Eat + Do // Unboxing, FAVORITE Recipe, Career, Budgeting... 
FULL DAY OF EATING // Fighting Food Comparisons
What I Eat on a Travel Day | Vegano in España
What I Eat in a Day | Vegano in España
Eating like my Triathlete Dad, Dealing with "Setbacks" & Travel Vlog
What I Eat in a Day | Triathlon Edition
Looking Through MY OLD THERAPY PAPERS + Full Day of Eating

Healthy Homemade Nut Butter

Get Your Period Back:
How to Get Your Period Back
I Lost my Period... AGAIN || Why I Lost it & How to Get it Back (Part I) 
What I Eat & How I De-Stress to Get my Period Back (Part II)
Foods to Combat Amenorrhea? (Part III)
4 CRUCIAL Steps to Get Your Period Back (Part IV)
How I Got my Period Back (Part V)

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