Saturday, December 14, 2013

101 Best Websites for Writers

As a writer, it is not always easy to know which services to trust and which to shun. It is often difficult to find good discussion forums, advice, and book reviewers.

I recently stumbled across the 101 Best Websites for Authors, and hereby decided to share with you some of my favorites:

Agentquery ( is a database of reps and the material they seek.

Associationof Authors' Representatives ( allows viewers to search reputable representatives and more.

RedSofa Literary ( allows viewers access to good submission tips and other advice, as well as interviews with publishing pros and authors.

LiteraryRambles ( looks at individual agents seeking new clients in different genres.

PubRants ( discusses about every facet of publishing and submissions.

QueryTracker ( helps you seek agents and track your submission progress.

RachelleGardner ( allows viewers to engage in discussions on open-ended writing and publishing questions.

Writing( allows you to share work, enter contests, join circles, etc.

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