Friday, June 27, 2014

Are You Making these Common Spelling Errors?

In case you are ever confused by little sneaky grammar or spelling rules, this is a MUST SEE neat little video. Even if you feel like you are not amongst those that often makes mistakes in the English language, I urge you to watch it. It is worth the time, I promise. And what better way to convince you than by telling you it is presented to you by author John Green?

So, seriously, have a look at it.

Here are several more words you might be misspelling:

Correct spellingSpelling adviceCommon misspelling
a lotthere is a space between the wordsalot
aggressive, aggressiontwo gsagressive, agression
apparently-ent not -antapparantly
appearanceends with -anceappearence
assassinationtwo double s’sassasination
basicallyends with -allybasicly
beginningdouble n before the -ingbegining
bizarreone z, double -rbizzare
calendar-ar not -ercalender
Caribbeanone r, two bsCarribean
cemeteryends with -erycemetary
definitelythere is no adefiantly, definately, definitaly
colleague-ea- in the middlecollegue
comingone mcomming
committeedouble m, double t, double ecommitee
completelyends with -elycompletly
conscious-sc- in the middleconcious
curiosity-os- in the middlecuriousity
definitely-ite- not –ate-definately
dilemma-mm- not -mn-dilemna
disappearone s, two psdissapear
disappointone s, two psdissapoint
ecstasyends with –syecstacy
embarrasstwo rs, two s’sembarass
environmentn before the menviroment
existenceends with -enceexistance
Fahrenheitbegins with Fahr-Farenheit
fluorescentbegins with fluor-florescent
foreseeablebegins with fore-forseeable
fortybegins with for-fourty
forwardbegins with for-foward, foreward
gistbegins with g-jist
glamorous-mor- in the middleglamourous
governmentn before the mgoverment
harass, harassmentone r, two s’sharrass, harrassment
honorary-nor- in the middlehonourary
humorous-mor- in the middlehumourous
idiosyncrasyends with -asyidiosyncracy
immediatelyends with -elyimmediatly
incidentallyends with -allyincidently
independentends with -entindependant
interrupttwo rsinterupt
irresistibleends with -ibleirresistable
knowledgeremember the dknowlege
losewhen meaning not to win, use 1 oloose
lollipopi in the middlelollypop
millennium, millenniadouble l, double nmillenium, millenia
therewhen referring to a placetheir, they're
noticeableremember the middle enoticable
occurred, occurringtwo cs, two rsoccured, occuring
occurrencetwo cs, two rs, -ence not -anceoccurance, occurence
Portugueseends with –guesePortugese
possessiontwo s’s in the middle and two at the endposession
preferred, preferringtwo rsprefered, prefering
receivee before irecieve
referred, referringtwo rsrefered, refering
separate-par- in the middleseperate
siegei before eseige
successfultwo cs, two s’ssuccesful
supersedeends with -sedesupercede
tattootwo ts, two ostatoo
tomorrowone m, two rstommorow, tommorrow
trulyno etruely
unforeseenremember the e after the runforseen
untilone l at the enduntill
whichbegins with wh-wich, witch

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