Friday, October 3, 2014

10 Greatest Tips to Promote Your Book Successfully

When you first publish, nobody has heard of you or your book. How to get the word out to the audience and a possible fan base out there? It's your key to success, so make sure you're informed beforehand!
1. Keep a Blog. Keep a blog or create an author page. This way you can people updated about you're novel's developments and create a small fan-base before the novel is even fully finished! (Make sure they can follow/subscribe easily.)

2. Deadlines. Set deadlines (on your blog and/or in the media) and commit to them. People will be expectant. Don't let them down! (Meanwhile, share little tidbits online to pique your readers' interests.)
 3. Share. Share the fact that you book will soon be out, and when it's out, share that too! If no one knows about it, nobody will buy it. Ask other people to share it for you as well and get the news out there as much as possible.
 4. Reviews. Get people to read your book and write a review on it so that people will have a more positive view about the book and will be more likely to purchase it. You can get people to review your book by offering them a free copy (and it will pay off!).

5. Library tour. I found this tip online, and thought it was an interesting idea. If you contact libraries in your area and arrange with them for you to speak there about your book to the students, this might make quite an impact on your sales. Personally, whenever I heard an author (unknown to me previously) speak at an event, it made me interested in finding out more about them and purchasing their work. Make sure however that you'll have an audience. Arrange, for example, for certain English classes to come for the mandatory reading (if you arrange a voluntary lunch-time meeting, you are much less likely to attract a large audience).

6. Free goods. If you do readings, have a blog, have an interesting pitch and tidbits posted on your site, but still don't have much of a following, what do you do? Give away free stuff! People love freebies, and if you offer them limited a free audio-extra, or another free extra when buying your book, sales are more likely to go up. Having a one-day only discount can also attract more audiences, who will share the news with their friends and so on.

7. Have a media kit. Make people remember your name. Share with them your (professional!) business card and/or bookmark (which, of course, includes your book cover as well as contact information).
Secondly, share a 100-150 word biography with the world. People are more likely to invest if they feel connected to you and have developed trust in you and your work. Why are you unique? Why should they read your book?

8. Link to your book whenever you can. People can only buy your book if they can get to the page of purchase! Make it easy for them.

9. Photo. Have a professional author photo. As I said, people are more likely to buy if the book look professional and they feel more familiar with the author him/herself.

10. Have a look at the following amazing and highly-helpful websites on promoting your book. I am no expert on the concept (though I certainly have done a lot of research on the topic) but these people are!

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