Tuesday, October 28, 2014

3 Things Writers Can Learn from Halloween Trick-or-Treaters

A short post this week, but highly relevant because Halloween is coming up... in only three days.
I'm sure you all know about the Trick-or-Treaters that roam the streets in search of candy every year (in fact, you might have been, or still are, one of those people yourself!) which is why this post will be a great help in developing your understanding of the writing and publishing process... as it relates to Halloween :)

Read on to learn how Halloween can teach you about writing!

1. Knock and keep knocking

People don't open? Keep knocking, they must be in there! Also, knock on as many doors as possible. The most successful Trick-or-Treaters are the ones that persevere and go by as many houses as possible - they will be the ones ending up with the most candy in the end. The same is true for writers: if you map out your route with the best potential in candy collection, you will reap as much as you possibly can out of the experience. Make a plan (search for agents, literary magazines, publishers), follow it through thoroughly (query, submit, and query more), and become successful (get that agent, receive an acceptance, and publish your work).

2. Be unique in your costume

Don't wear what everyone else is wearing - that's boring and not at all unique or interesting. Dare to stand out from the group by making your costume clever, surprising, and intriguing. Likewise, make your novel stand out with that unexpected surprise ending or twist in its point of view. If it is like all others, it will fade away in the mass of other novels out there. Use this technique also in querying in order to be memorable to the agent or publisher (but make sure you do not come across as inappropriate or rude - maybe that one outfit is just a tad too much?)

3. Have fun!

After all, Halloween is not just about the amount of candy you get or the number of people you scare. It's about having fun and being with your friends. Similarly, enjoy the writing process and use the opportunity to establish new connections. Where Halloween Trick-or-Treaters find confidence in moving around in larger groups, as a writer you can join writing groups and communities and so take advantage of other people's expertise and support. But don't only focus on the success and the goal ahead. Focus on the road that takes you there and enjoy every step in that direction.

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