Friday, August 18, 2017

Q&A 2 | Exercise, Weight Gain from "Bad" Foods & Cravings

Some more eating disorder questions answered for you today!
0:59 : Is it ok to exercise in recovery when underweight, and if you don’t exercise, do you not just gain fat without muscle?

3:24 : Do you gain weight differently from bad foods than from good foods?
(5:59 : Should I give in to “bad” food cravings, or will this make me addicted to these foods?)

8:39 : How can I increase my portions to gain weight without feeling so full?

11:05 : How to overcome laxative abuse and get the digestive system work normally again?

Next up will be a "What I Eat at Work" and "What I Eat (Road Trip Edition)." Another Q&A is also to come, but this will not be until October (as I have several other treats planned for you).

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