Friday, April 24, 2020

Binge Eating & Body Checking During COVID-19

I hope you're all doing okay and managing to stay happy, healthy and sane during this crazy time!  Saying that, I want to note that, if you are struggling right now, that is NORMAL. Really, the current situation is *the dream* for any residual eating disorder that may still be clinging on in the background of your quasi recovery... so some set-backs may be expected.

With time on your hands, it is all too easy to binge/restrict/purge/body-check. I know; I’ve been there. 

I just uploaded a new video onto YouTube and I think it is one you should all watch. It talks about
  • bingeing on stockpiled food 
  • 24/7 food-related thoughts 
  • fear of relapse 
  • excessive parental control during lockdown 
  • body dysmorphia 
  • body checking 

I think there’s some gems of information in there for you all. I also link back to several helplines to contact if you might be struggling…

Remember, you are not in this alone. This will pass. This is not a normal situation or routine, so changes in your thoughts and feelings are to be expected. But don’t act on them. Safeguard your health, eat, and take care.

PS. If you haven't seen them yet... on Monday I shared my amazing banana bread recipe! Last week, I shared what I eat whilst stuck inside. Up on Patreon since Wednesday is a video all about quasi-recovery, answering questions such as
  • how to know if you are in quasi recovery 
  • why quasi-recovery is not as good as it sounds 
  • how to get out of quasi-recovery  

Next week, I'm planning to upload another TWO videos. So... if you haven't already, be sure to hit that big red subscribe button on my YouTube channel!  Take care! xx

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