Monday, November 9, 2020

FULL WEEK OF EATING YOUR FEAR FOODS (eating disorder recovery)

Welcome to another video! To be honest, after a 50-hour work week (of which 31 hours yesterday and the day before), I'm quite tired and at a loss for words... but I'll let the new video do the talking ;-) I know you all loved last week's '24 HOURS EATING YOUR FEAR FOODS.' And I'm convinced you'll love today's video... a FULL WEEK EATING YOUR FEAR FOODS! Grab yourself a snack and go give it a watch!

Also, IF YOU WANT TO DECIDE MY NEXT FULL DAY OF EATING... become a Patron at and send in your suggested meal plan! Whether you become a $1 or a $100 Patron, your suggestions count equally. Definitely give it your best go! 

... and don't make it too easy on me ;-). 

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