Friday, December 12, 2014

"Just Perfect" Teaser

After three years of laborious work and writing and rewriting words, sections, chapters and entire sets of pages of work, I've recently published my debut novel, "Just Perfect," which finds its roots in the difficult times I have gone through. Feeling the need to help others through the sharing of my personal struggles – experienced by so many others as well – I believe it would be incredible to share my work with the largest audience possible. 

As you might be aware, writing has been my passion since I was seven years old. Before the publishing of this book, I participated three times in Short Story Competition Hungary, for which I received the Short List Award in 2011, Honorable Mention in 2012, and Second Place in 2013. I was shortlisted in the Nancy Thorp Poetry Competition in 2013 and Junior Author Short Story Competition in 2014.  It has been an incredible time for me to have had you on board and supporting me during these years, and hopefully still for years to come.

Just to give you more information of my latest release, below is a quick back-cover description to grab your interest:
When sixteen-year-old Christina Jacobs comes to school one day and discovers that life will never be the same again, she soon finds herself sinking away into the bottomless pit of a depression and eating disorder, haunted by her troubled thoughts and experiences and striving for acceptance. 
Fate was never easy on her, having given her an appearance far from desirable and a family situation far from the norm, but when she is forced to face it all on her own, forced to battle her inner demons, she knows she needs to give all she's got to fight her way back to the surface and get her life back on track.
Also, for everyone who is interested, hereby a short teaser to increase your appetite:
As I turned into Caldon Street, I sensed an ominous presence. I looked around, but the narrow passage revealed nothing but shadows. The tall, dilapidated buildings and occasional stinking trash heap provided cover for any predator, and I decided to drive near the middle of the road for safety. 
My mind raced. Maybe I was imagining it; maybe there was nothing going on at all and I was just making up scenarios in my head. I was driving myself insane. I'd always had a flowing imagination – what else could there possibly be? 

Again, thank you incredibly much for all of your support, particularly to everyone that has chosen to subscribe to my blog and like my page on Facebook, GoodReads, and Amazon.

If you want to read on, I encourage you to order your own hardcopy version here (at the cost of only €8!) or to get your Kindle version from Amazon ... Just remember, it makes a great Christmas read/present! :)

PS. If you read and like the book, please leave an honest Amazon and GoodReads review :) Thanks!

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