Saturday, June 13, 2015

Featured in Belgium's Leading Newspaper! Het Laatste Nieuws

As some of you might be aware, I was recently interviewed by the Belgian number 1 newspaper, Het Laatste Nieuws. Today, the article appeared in the newspaper (page 5), and I couldn't be happier!

In the article, I discuss my struggle with an Eating Disorder, bullying, and ever-decreasing self-worth. I explain how Christina, the protagonist of Just Perfect, in many ways parallels me and the journey I took and am still taking towards recovery. Because I must act, and I'm acting now. (For anyone suffering from an Eating Disorder, I will add a new post on that really soon. If you don't want to miss it, certainly check back frequently and subscribe.)

If you speak Dutch, certainly get yourself a copy of the newspaper today!

Also, grab yourself a copy of Just Perfect, either via Createspace or Amazon. Learn more about the struggles faced by 1 in 5 women - become aware and know that you are not alone. Also, share the work with others and spread the inspiration and hope, the motivation and encouragement, as far as it possibly can reach.

I want to make a difference for other girls and boys facing the same seemingly-insurmountable challenges, and with your help I do believe that I can truly do so.

"A charming and intriguing story, written with a finesse and maturity of style that would flatter an author of far more seasoned years." - John Yeoman, author, The Hog Lane Murders 

"This book is a must read for teens. I think a lot of times teens feel like they are alone in how they are feeling when really most teens share their feelings. I definitely recommend this book." - Christy, blogger, Christy's Cozy Corners 

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