Thursday, September 10, 2015

Anorexia Hospitalization | Journey to Recovery

Today, I decided to make another video for you all in order for you to keep up to date with my latest developments, and to tell you all how my meal plan has been working out. Well, not too great actually...

That's why I decided to take new action. Check out the video below!

My meal plan here is quite different from the one I had in the Slovak hospital as well as the one I set in action at home. However, they all had one commonality: they did not support my weight gain. That is why I soon changed to 'enlarged portions,' meaning my lunch doubled in size, and in the morning and evening I got 1 extra slice of bread. I also tend to take an extra yoghurt or banana with the last two slices of bread of the day. Anyway.. here is what a typical day looks like (*click images to enlarge):

Spaghetti dinner - weekend
Pie + ice cream - weekend
Ice cream - weekend

September 7, 2015: 
Sample breakfast plateau

Breakfast (8:00): 
- 4 slices of bread with butter, cheese and Peach marmalade  
- 1 Chocolate pudding

Snack (10:30): 
- 1 Milkshake  
(- Optional: piece of fruit/yoghurt)

Lunch (12:30): 
- Mushroom-cream soup 
Sample lunch plateau of non-enlarged portion
- Mashed potatoes with hamburger and green beans 
- 1 Large apple  

Snack (15:00): 
- 1 Snickers (or slice of pie or chips with soda)

Dinner (17:30): 
- 5 slices of bread with Becel butter, tuna-mayonaise spread and marmalade
- 1 Rice pudding 

Dessert (20:00):  
- 2 slices of bread with turkey and Nutella (this used to be Fortimel, but it changed recently)
(- Optional: yoghurt or piece of fruit)

Sample lunch plateau of enlarged portion (+soup +desert)

** To read my actual story (not just my recovery meal plans), visit my website here, or check out my story on the ADAA website. Also, make sure to grab yourself a copy of my fictional memoir, JUST PERFECT, here **


  1. Hi I just wanted to know if your still in the hospital and if the meal plans are helping out?

    1. Hey Kawther,
      I'm actually leaving hospital today :)
      With the current meal plan (given above) my weight has again started to stabilize, but as I am returning home I can now up my intake again by nibbling nice little snacks throughout the day (especially at night in front of the tv or while reading a good book).
      During my 3-month stay in hospital, I've managed to gain 5 kg, and I'm planning to gain further weight at home. I'll keep you posted ;) (if you'd like to stay as up to date as possible, you can subscribe by filling in your email address in the box to the right).

  2. Are you now at a healthy bmi? :)

    1. Hi Sam -- not yet, but working toward it xx

    2. Thanks for answering :) And, may I ask you how you are making sure to eat enough or not too much? You seem very confident about life, so I am seeking for advises as I am struggling with finding the balance in my anorexia recovery <3 You are super duper amazing Hanne :D

    3. I eat when I'm hungry and (try to) stop when I'm full. By now I also have a general idea of which amounts are about right for me, so that's how I regulate what I eat. Of course, it does happen that I eat too much sometimes, or that I'm hungry again less than an hour after a meal, but that might just shift the next meal around a little or I might have an extra snack, which is all quite normal :). It's a bit of a trial and error at first, but it will come more naturally with time. Hope that helps <3

    4. Again, I warmly thank you for your answer <3 I find it great that you are listening your body and I will try to do this as well :) Wish you the best <3

  3. Do you have now a healthy BMI? (Over 17)

    1. Not quite, although (relatively) close. Working for it in any case :)


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