Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Anorexia Recovery Weight Maintain Meal Plan

Hey guys, so today I'm back with a new video covering a full day of me eating (I know right? How exciting). Anyway, I believe eating disorders are a very serious topic, and I think recovery is a super-important (and super-amazing) thing, so let's get right to it! (Oh, and for all of you that prefer to have the plan laid out for you in just plain text - no worries - I've got you covered too!)

So that was that. Let's recap:

May 9, 2016

Breakfast (8:00, 10:00):
- 1 Nutridrink
- Oatmeal with full-fat milk, chia seeds and 1 pear

Lunch (12:00):
- Potatoes with stir-fry of green beans and red paprika
- 1 Slice of home-made bread with Lindt 85% chocolate (LOVE it)

Snack (16:00, 17:00):
- Mixed nuts: almonds, pistachios, walnuts, Brazil nuts and M&Ms
- 1 Slice of home-made bread with chicken
- 1 Slice of home-made bread with peanut butter (note: 1 slice of regular bread weighs 30 g. 1 Slice of the home-made variety weighs 50 g, so almost double).

Dinner (20:00):
- 750 g tagliatelle pasta with creamy cheese sauce with spinach, cherry tomatoes and smoked salmon

Dessert (21:30):
- 1 Kiwi
- 'Bonne Nuit' tea (decided not to go with the warm milk for a change)

May 10, 2016

Breakfast (8:00, 10:00):
- 2 Slices of bread with chicken
- 1 Bowl of Greek yoghurt with 1 1/2 medium apple, raisins and dried apricots

Lunch (12:00):
- 600 g tagliatelle pasta with creamy cheese sauce with spinach, cherry tomatoes and smoked salmon

Snack (15:00):
- Mixed nuts: almonds, pistachios, walnuts, Brazil nuts and M&Ms
- 3 Toffifees

Dinner (19:00):
- 700 g mashed potatoes with bacon-leek-curry sauce

Desert (21:00):
- 1 Slice of bread with peanut butter (strange evening cravings ;-))
- 1 Cup of warm milk with honey

As you might have noticed, my earlier meal plans (both my first and second) focussed a bit more on snacks, and this now shifted to larger meals (also, currently I'm not really following a 'plan'... just going with the flow ;-)). Honestly, it just depends on what I feel like, and at the moment I'm sick of searching for new snack ideas so I'm going all-out for the near-1 kg meals. And loving it.

Anyway, what's important is that you listen to your body, and that you accept what it tells you. Don't questions it. If it asks for ice cream, give it ice cream. If it wants peanut butter, give it that! Also, if you're struggling to get in all your calories (or you simply want to try it out or course), you can go for some Nutridrinks as well. My personal favorites are:
  1. Bananananana 
  2. Chocolate (who doesn't like chocolate? And this one is with extra proteins) 
  3. Apricot

I hope you enjoyed today's post, and that you don't hesitate to leave a comment below with any of your own tips/comments/requests. I love hearing from you :-)

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  1. Hey hanne! Your enthusiasm is so inspirational! Please udate me on how your new meal plan is going and if it's making you gain weight.

    1. Thank you :-) I actually checked on my weight this morning (currently I do weekly check-ups) and it's given me a +300 g this week, haha. Not too much, but any small step is still progress in the right direction, right? :-)

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  2. Thanks for the meal plan inspiration! I can't seem to stick to one because I'm never hungry when it's convenient, so I try to keep healthy snacks available at all times. I always keep trail mix or nuts in my car and keep containers of fruit and vegetables with peanut butter or dips in the fridge for easy access.

    Jeffery @ New Dawn Treatment Centers


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