Thursday, July 6, 2017

What I Eat on a Summer a Day (Anorexia Recovery)

Today I’m taking you on a day in the life. I’ll be talking about
  1. Portion sizes
  2. Potential alternatives to the foods I eat
Of course, every one is different and everyone is in a unique situation. You might need more/less/different foods than me! Remember to listen to your doctor or your meal plan or your intuition – whichever you follow currently – and I hope the food diary video will at least give you some inspiration!

8:00 Breakfast 1

- 2 Slices of homemade bread (100 g) with hummus
- 1 Slice of homemade bread (50 g) with cheese
(- Alternative: 3 sandwiches/4 supermarket slices of bread with spreads)

9:30 Breakfast 2

- 180 g greek yoghurt + banana, peach, grapes, melon, berries, raisins and seeds
(- Alternative: oatmeal with fruit and nuts and peanut butter)

12:30 Lunch

- 150 g dry pasta with lots of tomato/cream/cheese based sauce + veggies + meat/seafood/legumes
(- Alternative 1: potato/rice leftovers, potentially with additional bread)
(- Alternative 2: 4 slices of homemade bread (200 g) with spreads, usually ham + cheese + fried egg)

15:00 Snack 1

- 1 Magnum (almond/double chocolate)

16:00 Snack 2

- 1 Small salad with olives, pickles, radish, seeds, feta, avocado....

19:00 Dinner

- 150 g dry pasta with lots of tomato/cream/cheese based sauce + veggies + meat/seafood/legumes
(- Alternative 1: 120 g dry rice + veggies and chickpea curry)
(- Alternative 2: 10 small new potatoes (or mashed potatoes) with celery and chicken cordon bleu)

21:00 Snack

- 180 g yoghurt + 1 banana + walnuts + honey
- Small glass of milk
- Small chocolate bar
(- Alternative 1: 4-5 Biscino biscuits)
(- Alternative 2: vanilla and chocolate ice cream with (optional) fruit and chocolate shavings)


  1. Hi, do you know what is your calorie intake?
    Your day is perect! :)

    1. Literally just made a post about that on Instagram :) -->
      It's currently between 3,000-4,000 kcal (an all-time high for me, so a bit more than in this video from earlier). I hope it'll reap some results xx

    2. Its really interestand.. and your weight still resignate this intake?

    3. What do you mean with resignate? If you mean my weight stays the same, then I think so. Haven't been able to check though ;)

  2. It's my second day in recovery and I feel really happy because I can eat without restrictions but it feels weird being full, I hope that I could enjoy my food and not give Up. I'm eating about 2100 calories a day and It's really hard. It is a good start? Or should I eat more?


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