Saturday, February 3, 2018

What We Eat (Anorexia Recovery) | Exams & Boyfriend

I tend to show you my vacation-time food pattern, but what happens to my meal plan once exam stress hits? What about when my vegan boyfriend is busy studying and needs some looking after? Today I'm casting you another day in the life -- exam & boyfriend edition!

Remember: this is just one day. It does not reflect what I eat every day, although I think it is a pretty representative video. Everyone has different needs, but I hope these fun and easy meals have inspired you to try something new, and to learn to enjoy meal times once again xx

Recipes (2 people servings):

  1. Dry-roast tofu with spices. I used smoked paprika, garlic and cayenne.
  2. Put the tofu aside. Add farro and quinoa to a pot and bring to a boil. After 5 minutes, add bulgur and allow to simmer until all the water has boiled off and the grains are ready. I used a total of about 250 g (See package instructions for exact preparation times and methods).
  3. Chop up your vegetables and add to a pot with some olive oil or butter - first, I added 1 onion, followed (in order) by 2 courgettes and 200 g mushrooms. I then added a can of cannelloni beans, coconut milk, and several handfuls of spinach. (Vegetables such as broccoli and carrot also go very well in curries.)
  4. Add in the tofu and spices: cumin, turmeric, curry, cayenne, smoked paprika and ginger all work very well in this recipe.
  5. Combine sauce and grains if desired and serve. Serving suggestion: add some fresh parsley or avocado!

  1. Put a large handful of wakame seaweed in a bowl with water. Leave for 10-20 minutes while you prepare the meal, allowing it to double in size.
  2. Chop up half of one large onion and add to a pot with olive oil or butter. Chop up a courgette and add to the pot after several minutes.
  3. Add spices. I used smoked paprika, garlic and cayenne.
  4. Chop up 100 g of mushrooms and add to the pot. Simultaneously, bring some water to a boil for the noodles.
  5. Wash 4-5 handfuls of kale and add to the vegetables. Allow to wilt and add udon/soba noodles to the pot of boiling water.
  6. After 4 minutes, the noodles should be finished. Add them to the wok with the vegetables and stir in miso paste and soy sauce for extra flavor. Add additional spices (salt, pepper, etc.) if desired.
  7. Add the seaweed and a chopped up avocado. Voilà: ready to serve!
  8. Eat with chopsticks (obviously).
  9. Tip: an alternative way to make this recipe is by making a peanut butter-soy sauce. Very yummy and worth a try!

I hope you enjoy these recipes -- let me know if you try them, and be sure to post an instagram photo tagging me so that I can see your wonderful creations! Happy cooking :)

PS: Giveaway winners of the two signed copies of Red Ribbons are announced: congratulations, Romy and Céline! :) If you still have a photo of you or one of your friends with Just Perfect, then do still send it my way because I'd love to see it!

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