Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Dealing with FOOD GUILT (+ What I Eat in a Day)

In eating disorder recovery, it is not uncommon to feel guilty for/after eating, especially if the food is deemed 'unhealthy', 'bad' or a 'fear.' I personally used to also find it a waste to eat things I was not truly able to enjoy. If it didn't give me pleasure, what was the point?

At the same time, anything that did give me pleasure was likewise avoided. Why would I deserve anything good, if I was so worthless?

Recovery is a confusing time, there is no doubt about that. Having reached the place I am at now, however, I choose to see the positives of my past and put my experiences to good use.

A few minutes ago, I uploaded another video to YouTube where I show you WHAT I EAT (now, post-recovery and guilt-free) and where I talk about FOOD GUILT and how to prevent/overcome it. Check it out below, and remember: you are worth recovering, and you are worth overcoming your eating disorder ❤

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