Sunday, August 2, 2020

Am I at my Set-Point Weight? | Eating Disorder Q&A

During my weight gaining journey, I was convinced (absolutely CERTAIN) that I would not be able to keep eating the amounts I was eating. I was convinced that, once I reached my goal weight, I'd have to go back to RESTRICTING my intake, in order to maintain my weight and not keep gaining and gaining forever. Turns out I never had to!

Once you reach your set point weight, you can listen to your hunger cues and your body WILL take care of everything else. It's clever like that. It defends the weight range in which it likes to stay, and it will crank up your metabolism and reduce your hunger cues if you go overboard, and slow down your metabolism and increase your hunger cues if you restrict. As a result,
1. your set point weight is not prone to the massive fluctuations that characterise the recovery journey itself, and
2. you never have to restrict again!

In today's YouTube upload, I answer ALL the questions you sent me. I talk about set-point weight, whether I have reached a healthy weight and am 'recovered', bad habits, online recovery coaches, and more! Definitely check out the video -- timestamps included in the YouTube original :)

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