Sunday, August 30, 2020

Eating Disorder INPATIENT Day in the Life || Vegan & 5 years recovered

First off: thank you all for your support on my most recent videos! Your comments have been flooding in day after day after day, both on YouTube and on Instagram, and I am so incredibly grateful for this wonderful and supportive community. As a little throwback into the past, reflecting on where I've come from, I therefore decided to attempt to eat my old hospital meal plan this week. After years, it was an odd little experiment, but a fun one nevertheless! I do think it shines through in the video, so give it a watch and let those positive vibes seep into you from the screen! ;-)

Anyway, there's nothing else from me this week (wow!) -- it has been another busy one. I do love myself a filled-up schedule, as it keeps me going, and it was Tom's birthday so there was a lot of surprise-planning behind the scenes! Nevertheless, there's lots more content to come in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned and keep your eyes and your ears peeled (and consider joining the newsletter if you haven't already).

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