Monday, April 19, 2021

Lasting Eating Disorder Recovery: CHALLENGE WEEK

Eating disorder recovery is not linear. For lasting ED recovery, face your fear foods, challenge your food rules, and step outside your comfort zone! Let me know: which of these challenges has been the most trying for you?

On Monday, I tried out something new... I stepped outside the comfort zone & ate something I'd never eaten before. There’s no better way to...
  1. discover new recipes, 
  2. rediscover your preferences, 
  3. challenge fear foods

On Tuesday, I challenged myself in quite a few ways. The most important one, stopping calorie counting and eating unknown calories, wasn't even one I struggle with any longer, but it's definitely one that helped me most in attaining food freedom after my eating disorder recovery! The other ones were tougher for me personally, though... taking time off, spending money on myself... all definitely worthwhile!

Do you feel guilty about spending money on yourself? Do you want to overcome money dysmorphia? Then spend money on yourself; you are WORHT IT. Honestly, Wednesday's self-love challenge was tough for me. I got very anxious, and in addition I decided to tackle TWO fears. But I did it. I stuck through it. How did you get on?

On Thursday, I ate my ED fear foods, the foods I had been avoiding, the foods I used to enjoy pre-eating disorder... i.e. I ate intuitively, without listening to the ED voice, and without feeling guilty! What meal/food was on your list?

The final day! On Friday, I used clothes to boost my confidence and self-esteem... because some outfits simply fit well, make me feel sexy, and look good!

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