Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Eating Disorders FAQ: Calories, Quantities, Exercise and More

New video up, and this time I've taken a moment to answer a few of the questions that have been streaming in through both my Youtube channel and e-mail. From the many, many queries and requests coming in, the following were by far the most popular ones:

  1. How many calories are you currently eating? 
  2. How tall are you, and how much exercise do you get? 
  3. How many calories do I need to stabilize/gain weight?  
  4. Where should my calories come from in recovery? 
  5. Has anyone ever tried to explain to the anorexic people what their cells need to live? (well, this one wasn't exactly 'popular,' but I did think it worthy to answer)
I've also had many people asking me for another 'day in my life' meal plan, but as I'm not the kind of person that enjoys being in front of the camera for more than 15 minutes, let alone a whole day, I've decided to add another meal plan (what I ate yesterday) below this video for all of you.

But first... the video:

I hope that cleared some things up! Now, onto the meal plan:

9 May, 2016

Breakfast (8:30, 10:00):
- 2 Slices of homemade bread with chocolate (as mentioned, these are about double the size of regular, super-market varieties, but they also do not contain all the nasty preservatives)
- 150 mL Greek yoghurt with nuts, prunes and 1/2 of a cantaloupe melon (although recently I've been having oatmeal most of the time... I recently bought the M&S individually-packed-servings variety, but the packets are too small for my liking so I tend to take 2, as well as a large apple/other fruit + prunes and chia seeds)
- Of course a cup of tea ;)

Lunch (12:45):
- Beautiful rice concoction including pineapple, farro, carrots, peanut butter, soy sauce, sesame oil and a whole lot of other amazing ingredients

Snack (14:00):

My babysitting family likes       cordon bleu + potato dinner
to feed me                                             .
- 2 Slices of homemade bread with 1/2 avocado
- 1 Slice of homemade bread with herring
- Several Godiva truffles

Dinner (18:30):
- Boiled potatoes with cordon bleu (=breaded chicken stuffed with ham and cheese), cream sauce and leek

Desert (21:00):
- 1 Slice of bread with peanut butter (uhh... peanut butter with bread?)
- Small mug of hot milk with honey

As you see, I don't really follow set times and meals. It differs on a day-to-day basis, and what I eat differs depending on my mood and what I can find in and around the house or wherever else I'm at (the day before, I taught an English lesson to a Korean student and snacked on a huge plate of sweet-and-sour Korean rice cakes. It was awesome).

Unlike my previous meal plans, I did not include any exact measurements in this one. This is because I often see people really dwelling on this on other people's videos and posts, and I do not think this is healthy. I do not think it is beneficial for me, either, to be weighing the food (even if it is for a good cause ;)). Anyway, I know my meals always fall between half a kilo (absolute minimum) and a kilo (absolute maximum up 'til now), so I'm guessing my dinner must have been somewhere in between. The lunch was slightly smaller, but this was because it was simply left-overs from the day before (and this is also why I had the munchies not soon after).

Anyway, I hope this helped and that the video has cleared up some questions. Do leave any more enquiries you might have, and make sure to check out JUST PERFECT and to subscribe to both my channel and blog. See you next time!

PS. Both my Youtube channel and website have undergone some changes so do check them out!

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