Wednesday, March 20, 2019

EXTREME HUNGER Q&A | You Are NOT Binge-Eating

Have you ever experienced that rumble in your stomach, to then go on and eat everything in the vicinity? Have you ever felt like your hunger was insatiable... like you could eat the fridge's contents in its entirety?
You are not alone.

Extreme hunger, also known as ‘hyperphagia’, is a very real and very normal and valid common experience for those in eating disorder recovery. Next to edema, it is one of the most anxiety-provoking aspects. Especially as it is rarely talked about in treatment (I was certainly never told by anyone in my treatment team!), it can be a scary occurrence.

It might occur once in a while, throughout recovery, or it could not occur at all. It may last several days, or it could remain with you for well over a year. Many individuals in recovery struggle with this confusing phenomenon.

It is the result of your body's metabolism revving up again, asking you to make up for the energy you have not given it for so long. Because it is so relevant yet so little-discussed, today's video is dedicated to all of your questions:
  1. What is extreme hunger? How many calories qualifies as extreme hunger? 
  2. How long does it last? 
  3. How can I tell apart extreme hunger from normal hunger and binge eating
  4. How do I know I'm not developing binge eating disorder? 
  5. Why am I always thinking about food? 
  6. Do I need to eat whenever I think about food? 
  7. How do I prevent overeating/bloating? 
  8. Should I respond to extreme hunger (even if I'm following a meal plan)? 
  9. Should I still eat my meal plan 'minimums' even when I've eaten more earlier on in the day?  
  10. Should I keep eating even when full? 
  11. Why am I experiencing extreme hunger (even if weight-restored)
  12. How to deal with post-meal guilt
  13. Does listening to extreme hunger cause rapid/too much weight gain? 
  14. Should I listen to specific cravings, or can I eat 'substitute' foods for the things I want? 
  15. How to deal with having eaten a large quantity of food? How to sleep?

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