Friday, May 8, 2020

Libido pre- and post-eating disorder, fear of sex, & boundaries (sexy Q&A)

Let's start the real talk. No point having a YouTube channel if you aren't going to break some taboos, right? At least, I think so! Today, I'm answering all of YOUR questions about sex, relationships, boundaries, etc.
Why? Well, during my eating disorder, I was afraid of sex. What’s more, I did not want to grow up, was happy not to have my period, and was simply unable to be in a relationship. I couldn’t set boundaries, speak my mind, and open up. I pushed people away.

But then, things changed. I recovered. So now it is time to talk about
  • my fear of sex 
  • my inability to set boundaries 
  • my pre- vs. post-ED libido  

I also cover my beliefs about monogamy, best ways to find your soulmate, and time of first intercourse. I talk about my sexuality, having multiple partners, and body confidence. Well, check it out if you’re interested? (I know you are)

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