Sunday, October 4, 2020

My 7 Best Recovery Motivations | Things to Look Forward to Post-Eating Disorder

I want to start out this post by asking you a few questions. And, no, they're not very nice questions, but, yes, they are still very important questions. Give them some thought.
  1. Have you restricted your intake today?
  2. Have you been struggling this week?
  3. Are you finding it hard to motivate yourself and to nourish your body?  
If you said yes to any of these questions... I feel ya. I've been there. We all go through it. But don't stay there. In fact, where you should be is on YouTube. Head over to see my newest video, in which I share my 7 best recovery motivations! 🌱These are the things that I reminded myself of whenever I was struggling.

As you may have discovered, recovery isn't linear, and the path is not straightforward. But if you know what you're fighting for, you know where you're going. That's why it's crucial to define your main goals. 

For me, these include...
🌈 happiness
⭐️ a life of meaning
❤️ an existence in which I can enjoy food without guilt 

Check out the video, and let me know which of the tips you found most helpful. Also let me know below: what are YOU fighting for?

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