Sunday, July 25, 2021


Hey Warriors! I hope you're all doing well & that you've had a lovely and rejuvenating weekend. You deserve it! Today, I decided it was time to tackle some topics that I get asked about a lot... namely, BINGE EATING after recovery from restriction, and that constant 24 hour FOOD OBSESSION, also quite common along the journey. If you've wondered about these topics before, you've come to the right place. Also, you're not alone!

Strangely enough, once we decide that we want to recover and we want to put on some weight and gain back our health... that's when the real work begins! Suddenly we are bombarded by our body's misguided cues, which we have ignored for so long and which we need to re-learn to understand. Suddenly we experience hunger, mental and physical, and we simply don't know what to do and if it will ever stop. This is a scary time! And, to make it worse, we need to do some things that may seem counterintuitive, like 
  1. eating earlier in the day, even if we are *not* hungry 
  2. eating nutrient-rich foods, but also adding in some 'junkier' options 
It's a strange path to navigate, but, as I said, you are not alone! And I've definitely got some tips to help you on your way! xx

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