My name is Hanne Arts and I'm a twenty-one-year old budding author. I currently live in England, but previously lived in Belgium, Holland, Hungary and Slovakia.

Writing has been my passion since I was seven years old, and I am proud to announce that, at the age of seventeen, I made my first big step into the publishing world by putting out my first full-length novel titled “Just Perfect,” followed three years later by its sequel, "Red Ribbons." For three years, I worked on each book, both of which find their roots in the difficult times I have gone through. Feeling the need to help others through the sharing of my personal struggles – experienced by so many others as well – I believe it would be incredible to share my works with the largest audience possible.

I'm a bookworm intent on making a similar impact on the lives of my readers as some of my favourite authors have done for me. Before the publishing of my book, I participated three times in Short Story Competition Hungary, for which I received the Short List Award in 2011, Honorable Mention in 2012, and Second Place in 2013. I was shortlisted in the Nancy Thorp Poetry Competition in 2013 and Junior Author Short Story Competition in 2014. I have previously published two pieces in The Helix Literary Magazine and another four pieces in Voices De La Luna. In July 2016 I joined my first NaNoWriMo and managed to reach a word count of 50,000 words in one month!

Over the course of my writing career, I've also published numerous poems and stories in the Helix Literary Magazine and the Voices de la Luna Magazine. I co-authored and translated 'The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing' and contributed a story to the compilation 'The Recovery Letters.'

I hope you will stick with me to celebrate these major events, and the many more to come! Thank you all for the incredible support x

This is a photo of me taken after I got second place in
a short story competition in Budapest - very proud!

If there is anything you'd like to share/comment/suggest, feel free to do so in the comment boxes below! And don't forget to connect with me on Facebook and check out my official website.


  1. Hi Hanne,
    Ik ben benieuwd naar je werk. Geef zeker eengil als we iets kunnen lezen he.
    Dikke tante heidi xxxx

  2. Volgorde beetje omgedraaid : dikke xxxx :-)

    1. Haha, dank je wel. Ik probeer elke dag iets te posten dus er is altijd wel iets te zien :)
      Ik ben van plan met Amazon zelf een boek uit te geven (mijn goal is voor de kerstvakantie), maar dan zal ik je zeker op de hoogte stellen!

      Dikke kusjes terug (aan iedereen daar),

  3. can you publish some of your own work on this website?

  4. Nice work, Hanne!!! Go on writing like this and you'll become a VIP-writer. Lots of love and kisses for all the family! L Y! xxx

  5. Sorry, for the whole family :-)! xxx

  6. You know who do you remind me of? :) Have you read a novel called Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell? The main character, Cath, is much like you! She has a twin sister, is passionate about writing... You are so much like Cath!! :)

    1. Haven't heard of the book - would you recommend it? (if yes, I'll certainly see if I can check it out somewhere :D)


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