Thursday, October 25, 2018

Overcoming Food Comparison in Eating Disorder Recovery

Two days, two new videos. Three questions answered. How to overcome food comparison? How to stop thinking obsessively about food? Are food supplements necessary?

In today's video, I answer the following question from Marit (which emerged as a follow-up comment from last week's 'How my TWIN Influenced my ANOREXIA (& Vice Versa)': I still get so overwhelmed by the negative feelings and thoughts whenever I do (have to) eat more than others. How did you overcome this and how long did it take you? Did you discuss this with your sister as well and what has helped you the most? Has it changed your relationship?

(Didn't know I had a twin? Meet my twin sister, Evelien, here)

In yesterday's video, I tackled the following questions:

Q1: I can't stop thinking about food, planning meals, replanning meals... I'm weight restored (more or less) so I don't know why this is still happening. Did this happen to you and if so how did you control the constant thoughts about food?

Q2: Do you take any supplements on a vegan diet?

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Several days ago, I uploaded a message to you all about WHY I'VE BEEN STRUGGLING, and this weekend I'll be uploading a Q&A.


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