Saturday, January 19, 2019

How I Got my Period Back (Part V)

Newsflash: I probably didn't lose my period due to "wrong" nutrition or exercise this time around. My iron was probably just too low due to my usually much-too-heavy periods, requiring my body to repair this deficit first before giving me my period back. [I saw a doctor several days ago and she said "it is probably just the IUD." I still managed to arrange a blood test appointment, though, so I will update you all later of the results.]

Nevertheless, I HAVE struggled with primary amenorrhea before, and this occurrence simply reminded me why I needed to make this video series. I will also be getting this blood test, just to ensure everything is still ok... but I am confident that it is, and I hope to be able to tell you all next month that, once again, Aunt Flo came knocking at my door.

My favorite period products:
  • Dear Kate period underwear! Absolute life-saver and so much better for the environment than pads and tampons. If you have a light flow, use the underwear as is. If you have a heavy flow, use the underwear as a 'backup' for your tampon, or better, as a backup for your... 
  • My menstrual cup! I haven't yet made up my mind about this one yet. It's disturbing to put a little cup down there. But it's also environmentally-friendly, which makes it pretty cool by default. Personally, I use a Mooncup
  • Hot water bottle. Fight away those cramps the old-fashioned way!
  • Ginger/peppermint tea for cramps and relaxation  

Also, I have really enjoyed the Maca Team products. I really liked their yellow maca liquid extract especially!

I hope my video-series has helped you, and that you'll check out the former 'get your period back' episodes as well.

Any questions/video requests? Let me know! x

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