Friday, August 9, 2019

Do You Need a Meal Plan in Anorexia Recovery?

In the past, during my recovery, I (loosely) followed many a meal plan...

In hospital, I obviously ate what was given, and, after my discharge, my mom made my meals and I ate what was put in front of me. I got stuck in routines, and these prevented me from under-eating. They helped me (re)learn what my body needed to be happy and energized. However, they sometimes also made me feel stuck as I turned them into self-set 'maximum' allowances...

Meal plans are controversial. In fact, it is this exact topic that I have tackled in both my last Skype consultations, and it is something I get asked about a lot generally. It is also the topic for today's upload.

How did I approach meal planning in my recovery? What is the best approach? Check out my upload, and find me on Patreon for one-on-one consultations and advice x

My past recovery meal plans:

If you want to learn more, I urge you to also check out my in-depth videos about why I eat 3,000+ kcal, extreme hunger in eating disorder recovery, and intuitive eating.

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