Friday, March 13, 2020

24 Hours Eating ONLY PROCESSED FOODS (Anorexia Recovery)

24 hours eating only processed foods was probably the hardest challenge I've done so far (yes, it beat pancake day 🥞 🥓). As I always record my videos on days where I'm home or know for sure that I'll have enough time to get some good-quality video footage, I had time on my hands and I was itching to cook. What's more, I cycled past the fresh fruit and veg market and came back with... absolutely nothing.
It's not like I don't eat processed food on the regular. Honestly, don't get me wrong: I DEFINITELY do (and mainly on my non-recording days, when I'm busy and constantly shooting off from one thing to the next), but on this day I was zen and my body was very much craving some fresh produce and some relax time in the kitchen 🍎. And that's pretty amazing!

During my recovery, I could've stuck with junk food. And I did on numerous occasions. The beauty of recovery and listening to your body is that, over time, it starts to learn what it needs. Cravings change. So, yes, I eat junk food. And I definitely consume foods I would have considered off limits during my ED on most (if not all) days. But premade meals are definitely not the bulk of my diet -- it's convenience, and nothing more. My body (and my wallet) are happy. And now I can cook & it brings me relaxation and not anxiety! 👨🏼‍🍳.

Anyway, long story short. You too can get there. Listen to your body, disobey that ED voice. And go check out my new upload -- 24 hours eating only processed foods. Go give it some love 🙂 ❤

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