Friday, December 27, 2019

How I Gained Over 40 Pounds (20 Kilos) | 10 Tips

Welcome back for another video! It has been a little while! To make up for that fact, I finally got around to making a video that has been VERY highly requested. Namely, my anorexia recovery journey... and gaining 20 kg.

In this month's video, I talk about my recovery journey, and my 10 best tips for gaining weight and leaving behind the eating disorder. If you enjoy the video, be sure to let me know! I promise that more content is to follow soon xx

Also, I just wanted to say good luck to everyone with exams post-Christmas. If you are feeling stressed, make sure to check out some of last year's videos, from when I participated in vlogmas to make this festive period as stress-free as possible ❤️

Some of the topics I covered include eating out, unknown calories, Christmas meals, and anxiety

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