Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Am I Still Affected by MY EATING DISORDER? What Were my Biggest Highs and Low IN RECOVERY?

 I know this video is way too long and the quality is poop. But there you go — ALL of your questions answered.
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  • 1:13 How to overcome compulsive movement
  • 2:21 How to prevent guilt and distract yourself between meals? 
  • 2:50 What are my favorite podcasts to listen to? 
  • 2:38 How can you distinguish genuine food preferences from those of the eating disorder? 
  • 4:46 What is my mission for the New Year? 
  • 5:44 What actions do I take to positively impact the environment? 
  • 7:59 What were my biggest highs and lows in recovery? 
  • 10:36 How to ensure optimal bone health and reverse osteoporosis
  • 11:03 How to increase portion sizes
  • 11:48 What surprised me positively about recovery? 
  • 12:54 What are my favorite movies? 
  • 13:39 How to overcome constant feelings of fullness? 
  • 14:28 Am I still affected by my eating disorder, or by anxieties surrounding food? 
  • 16:04 When did I decide that I wanted to recover? 
  • 17:13 Did I lose my period and (how) did I get it back
  • 17:45 How to overcome the fear of gaining weight? 
  • 18:01 How to deal with intestinal pain, discomfort and bloating in recovery? 
  • 18:25 Without weight training, do you gain only fat in recovery? 
  • 19:17 Was I exhausted when I started eating more in recovery? 
  • 20:08 Do macros and meal times matter
  • 21:09 Do you know tim tams? 
  • 21:17 If I stopped being able to digest some of the foods I used to be able to eat, will this be permanent? 
  • 22:00 Did I ever feel the urge to purge after a meal, and how did I overcome this? 
  • 23:07 Do I ever feel guilty for eating “too much”?

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